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GeekVape G Series Coils (5-Pack)

GeekVape G Series Coils (5-Pack)

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GeekVape updated the names of some of its products and packaging. The product itself has not changed.

Replacement G Series Coils for multiple devices from GeekVape.

Sense every level of flavor while perceiving each underlying tone of the taste with the updated G Series Coils.

Sold in 5 packs.

  • G1.2Ω S Coil (9.5W-11.5W) (formerly Wenax Stylus G.Coil ST 1.2Ω)
  • G0.6Ω Mesh Coil (13W-18W) (formerly Aegis Pod G.Coil Mesh 0.6Ω)
  • G0.8Ω Mesh Coil (12W-15W)
  • G1.0Ω Mesh Coil (10W-12W)
  • G1.8Ω Mesh Coil (7W-9W)
  • G1.2Ω M Coil (10W-12W) ***new***
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