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Silicone Containers Glow in the Dark 5ml

Silicone Containers Glow in the Dark 5ml

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You can never have too many stash jars! These little non-stick silicone containers have a 5ml capacity. They have an airtight seal and are super heat resistant, so they are great to dab out of with a dab straw.

There's no wrong way to use these small silicone stash jars. They are all washable and reusable, and feature a snap lock lid to keep your stash fresh. This silicone can handle even your stickiest, goopiest concentrates! You'll never lose any product just because you can't get it off the side of the jar. The silicone is extremely heat-resistant as well, which makes these containers the perfect pair for your dab straw. You can stick the hot nail tip right into the jar to take a dab without worrying about it burning the container. 

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