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RPM 4 Pods (3-Pack)

RPM 4 Pods (3-Pack)

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Empty replacement pods for the RPM 4 Kit from SmokTech. These specific pods are only compatible with the LP2 Series Coils. Easily facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the RPM 4 Pod with magnetic connectors. The translucent oil window allows the user to monitor the e-liquid levels while the duck-billed mouthpiece locks in the great flavor.

EACH DROP COUNTS TO YOUR PASSION FOR VAPING - The capacity of a 5mL pod contains a continuous vaping experience with consistent flavor and reassuring enjoyment. 

A WISH ABOUT 'NO LEAKAGE ANYMORE' - When inserting the coil into the pod, the added silicone ring on the bottom of the coil fills any remaining gap there may be, effectively stemming the liquid leaking from the pod that results in a messy vaping experience. 

EVERY PUFF IS THE LEADING ONE - When the meshed coil gets in touch with the saturated cotton, a delightful taste with smooth flavor and rich vapor arises spontaneously.

Sold in 3 packs.

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