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OOZE Pronto Replacement Tips (2-Pack) Fritted Quartz

OOZE Pronto Replacement Tips (2-Pack) Fritted Quartz

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The Pronto comes fully assembled and is easy to use with just one button. The coil tip is the white and silver piece that touches the wax. Press the button to heat the tip to a hot enough temperature to vaporize the concentrate. The coil is easy to assemble or remove, just unscrew it from the base or line up the threads and screw it on. When removing, just be sure to give it a few minutes to cool down completely.

These vapor coils are great for terpenes. The extended surface area means there is more room on the coil for the wax to melt and spread out. A thinner layer of wax means more room for the terps to touch the heat source, allowing them to fully express their flavor profiles. This results in huge, thick, flavorful clouds! Keeping the coil as clean as possible will produce the best flavors. When soaking the coil in alcohol stops making it taste better, it’s time to swap out the coil. This 2-pack replacement box will keep the Pronto puffing for plenty of sessions.

  • PRONTO COILS | Pronto vapor coils are designed to create the best, most potent flavors with each dab. They are easy to clean, easy to replace, and are the key to enjoying delicious dabs with the Ooze Pronto.
  • REPLACEMENT | This is a replacement pack of coils for the Pronto. The original Pronto includes one coil, but this coil will eventually need to be replaced. Grab a box of backup coils for a later date!
  • FLAVOR | These coils are intended to maximize the flavor of the terpenes in the concentrates. Each strain of wax has different terpenes, which all produce their flavor at different temperatures. Experiment with each temp level whenever you bring a new strain home.
  • HOW TO CLEAN | The Pronto vapor coils are easy to clean. Simply soak in a bath of isopropyl alcohol or Ooze Resolution Res Gel cleaner and rinse with warm water. Let the coil dry completely before screwing it back onto the device.
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