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Novo X Pods (3-Pack)

Novo X Pods (3-Pack)

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Replacement pods for the Novo X device by Smok, allowing you to enjoy top level vaping with a satisfying throat hit. 

SMOOTH VAPOR FOR MAXIMUM SENSATION - The two-way U-shaped airflow channel can greatly increase the air inflow and produce ultra-smooth vapor with a comfortable throat hit.

NOVO X POD - The Novo X pod has a capacity of 2mL and boasts a versatile design that suits all preferences. To fill, simply pull out the rubber plug on the side of the pod and inject e-liquid through the slot. Press the rubber plug firmly and carefully back into the pod and you're set.

Novo X DC 0.8Ω MTL Clear Pod

  • Mouth-to-Lung
  • Dual Coils
  • Highest Degree of Flavor Restoration
  • Recommended Power: 12W-25W

Novo X Meshed 0.8Ω Pod

  • Large Heating Area
  • Excellent Flavor & Dense Vapor
  • Wattage: 10W-15W

Sold in 3 packs.

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