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Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizor

Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizor

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  • Nectar Collector
  • Integrated Glass Bubbler
  • Magnetic Tip and Ceramic Heating Element
  • Adjustable Voltage Setting
  • Strong 1000mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB Type-C Charging Technology
  • OLED Screen
  • RGB Lighting

About Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer

The Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer is a feature-packed device that offers its owners serious vapor production, clean and tasty clouds, as well as a small and compact form factor. It’s the latest drop from Yocan and it doesn’t get any better than this.

On that note, the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer is simply the wax consumers dream — a device that will allow them to take their sessions with them wherever they may go, without having to sacrifice the quality of their rituals.

So, here are a few more reasons why you should be eyeing the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer today.

A reliable battery

The Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer is equipped with a reliable battery that’s rated at 1,000 milliamperes (mAh). Now Yocan has slapped its devices with capable power packs before but the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer is arguably one of the portable wax vaporizers that have the strongest batteries in the brand’s roster.

Depending on how frequent and how strong you use your Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer, the battery will last you anywhere between a day, to a week’s worth of use. With that said, it is not surprising that the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer will become one of the most coveted nectar collectors on the market since it ensures that its users will not have to worry about constantly plugging their devices in and out of the wall socket should they be taking on various sessions.

In addition, the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer uses up-to-date USB type-C charging technology, which is undoubtedly better than the dated micro-USB charging systems used on older devices.

USB type-C is known for facilitating faster charging and saving the battery from damage due to inconsistencies in power delivery. So, USB type-C charging will not only mean that the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer’s battery will charge faster, but it also means that the battery pack will last longer.

Adjustable voltage settings

Old and dated vaporizers usually use preset temperature settings, which basically means that its users will have to make do with pre-determined voltage levels set by the vaporizer’s engineers. While it does Dymake for a good started device since you literally just have to choose from pre-selected options, it does create certain limitations and restrain the owner from exploring the effects of their favorite wax concentrates.

Compared to the adjustable voltage setting used by the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer, the said temperature selection ensures that the user will have sufficient options when it comes to personalizing their vaping sessions.

The Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer has a temperature selection that range from 2.0 volts (V) to 4.2V. Ideally, the lower voltage settings can help produce thin wisps of clouds with higher flavor and aroma while the higher voltage levels will produce larger and thicker vapors that have high potency. In between, owners of the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer can simply tweak the temperature profile to make adjustments depending on their preference.

That said, the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer can be used both for relaxing after a long day of working or after a stressful exercise at the gym as well as if you want deep sleep or when you feel like escaping reality.

Yocan has ensured that adjusting the temperature level is made easy and will be user friendly. Instead of employing some complicated and hard-to-understand method, the brand simply put plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to allow straightforward adjustment of the temperature level.

In addition, the running voltage level is displayed on the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer’s OLED screen that allows crisp and clear visualization of relevant vaping information to keep its owners in the loop of what’s happening with the device.

On the OLED screen, one can check several of the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer’s features, which includes a puff counter, the running voltage level, and the battery level.

Integrated glass bubbler

The Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer comes with an integrated glass bubbler, which introduces the element of water filtration and moisture conditioning to your sessions.

Despite being a small and portable wax vaporizer, the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer is fitted with a glass piece that can hold a decent amount of water to add a certain level of filtration and sift impurities and irritants from the vapor. The result is cleaner cloud production that makes the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer better suited for consumers who use their vaporizers for medicinal purposes.

Additionally, the glass bubbler allows the vapors to be further moisturized and to be cooled down. This means that as the vapors pass through the water, they become less harsher and will not make you cough your lungs out when you inhale them.

The glass bubbler itself is made from lad-grade raw material so it can withstand prolonged exposure to heat and will not chemically affect the quality of the vapors. In doing so, it faithfully preserves the quality of the vapor and does not leave a weird smell or taste to it.

Ceramic heating element

The Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer has a ceramic heating tip, which is suitable for vaporizing wax concentrates. For those who have been dabbing for quite some time now, ceramic heating elements are the favored heating elements since they facilitate slow and low burning. What that does is that ensures that the wax concentrates are heated low to high in a slow manner, therefore allowing the exacts to be subjected to various heat profiles and release different active ingredients in the process. Instead of abruptly exposing the wax concentrates to a high temperature level and get only the psychoactive effects, many vapers prefer to enjoy the full spectrum to make the most out of their favorite materials.

The ceramic heating element is shaped in the form of a tip, as you would find in all nectar collectors. Compared to using a vape pen that has a small wax chamber, having a ceramic heating tip allows for heavier sessions since all you need to do is to dip the ceramic heating tip onto the wax jar — there’s no need to constantly reload the chamber with dollops of extracts.

With that, the Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector Vaporizer is also perfect for recreational consumers who have built a higher resistance and tolerance against the effect of their select wax strains.

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