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Armor Silicone Bowl

Armor Silicone Bowl

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The Armor Bowl is a super versatile bong bowl replacement that is a glass bowl insert with a silicone suit of armor. The bowl can be used with 14mm AND 18mm bongs, and can also be used with a vape pen by popping the glass bowl out and inserting the cartridge mouthpiece into the grooves.

The Armor Bowl is the flower bowl upgrade we've all been waiting for. A deep quartz bowl insert is protected by a silicone body with a honeycomb pattern. This bowl is designed to properly fit all bongs and rigs; the stem is 14mm at the bottom, and expends to 18mm to fit snugly in the downstem of any piece with a male connection. Easily pop the glass bowl out, and the Armor Bowl is compatible with just about all 510 thread vape cartridges. Insert the mouthpiece of the cartridge right into the bowl and make sure it forms a seal. There is a groove for flat mouthpieces and a circular insert for round mouthpieces under the glass bowl.

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